Wall Tiles in Coconut Grove

Are you sick of having to re-paint your bathroom walls every year? Maybe you’re remodeling your kitchen and want a whole new look? Or you may just want to give your existing tiles a much-needed facelift. Whatever the reason, if you are in the Coconut Grove area then there really is only one number you should call to ensure that your wall tile needs are met in the best way possible. Don’t take chances with inferior tiling teams when Miami Flooring and Tile, the number one option is here for you to use.

Beautiful Backsplashes from Miami Flooring and Tile

While overlooked compared to other parts of your kitchen or bathroom, backsplashes play an invaluable role in ensuring that the tiles in your home continue to look their best for longer. As a vertical extension to a counter, a backsplash is designed to protect the wall around your bathroom sink or kitchen counter from unintended splashes of water. The size and dimensions of your home can determine whether the backsplash extends a mere two or three inches from your counter or stretches all the way to the ceiling.

As well as protecting your kitchen and bathroom’s walls from water splashes, they are also a great way of protecting your walls from grease splatters when cooking or preparing food. For far too long, backsplashes were considered to be merely functional in nature, but recently there has been a growing trend among homeowners towards more colorful and intricate designs. At Miami Flooring and Tile, we take immense pride in contributing to this changing mindset when it comes to designing backsplashes.

Personalize Your Commercial Property with Custom Tile Designs

When it comes to choosing between paint or tiles for your property it can often feel like it’s just a matter of personal preference. And while this is certainly true, the fact of the matter is that there are distinct benefits to walled tiles over paint jobs that are often under-appreciated. Perhaps, one of the biggest advantages of tiles is that they allow you, as a property owner, to customize your bathroom or kitchen with your own personal touch. The freedom and flexibility of wall tiles is what sets them apart from painted walls that are often quite monochrome in nature.

Bring Some Culture into Your Home with Wall Tiles

Whether you are hoping to incorporate an element of your family’s lineage into your home or merely want a unique design that you saw on vacation transposed onto your bathroom or kitchen walls, then wall tiles are the way to go. Tiles have been used to enhance and design homes around the world for hundreds of years and it is this rich history which allows them to actively enhance the aesthetic qualities for homeowners. So, whether you want to maximize an arched kitchen with a splattering of Moroccan tiles, or you would like to give your kitchen a whole new feel with some decadent blue Portuguese tiles, then the choice is yours.

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