Residential Mosaic in Key Biscayne

With an unrivalled attention to detail, Miami Flooring and Tile offers a residential mosaic service that is envied by many other tiling and terrazzo teams in Key Biscayne but rivalled by very few. Our passion for all aspects of residential mosaic is evident across our entire team including our designers and installers. This consistent approach from all our staff ensures that we always deliver a winning mosaic service that will simply not be beat.

Miami Flooring and Tile’s Top Mosaic Ideas for Your Home

There are number of mosaic options that are consistently popular. Five of the most sought-after mosaic ideas include:

  • Nautical Mosaic Ideas: Nautical mosaic ideas are perfect for bathrooms and outdoor pool areas. Whether it’s a bold blue or a daring green, mosaic tiles are the perfect choice to freshen up your bathroom’s backsplash as well as it overall feel. Unlike mosaics containing more striking colors, nautical color infused mosaic tiles can ornament the floors and walls in your bathroom. To achieve optimal results, it makes sense to ensure that your entire bathroom is covered in mosaic tiles.
  • Mosaic Glass Tile Ideas: Glass stone tiles are perfect for kitchen and bathroom backsplashes. Mosaic glass tiles can help decorate your bathroom or kitchen, which in turn makes it more attractive.
  • Mosaic Kitchen Backsplashes: If the kitchen is the heart of your home, then it is the backsplash that is often the focal point of the room’s whole decor. Given the fact that it is such a focal point, it makes perfect sense to enhance this feature with a decorative and visually pleasing mosaic.
  • Outdoor Mosaic Designs: While most of our residential client’s associate mosaics as being indoor features, the fact of the matter is that mosaics can enhance a range of external parts of your home as well. For instance, a patio or pool area is made immediately more appealing if surrounded with bright and vibrantly colored mosaics. In an outdoor setting, mosaics can take the form of tiles or, perhaps more interestingly, pebbles.
  • Mosaic Fence Designs: Sticking to the outside of your home, mosaic fence designs are a slightly more unusual but innovative way of making a structure that is often somewhat boring-looking into a far more interesting piece.

Low-Maintenance Mosaic Flooring

The beauty of mosaic tiles not only lies it its design and pattern, but in its upkeep as well. Our mosaic tiling does not require high-maintenance to keep them clean and in pristine condition. Our installations are dependable and ensure quality and convenience.

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When it comes to residential mosaics, you really can’t take chances with inferior tiling teams. With stakes as high as these, there is no room for error. That is why, if you want the best residential mosaic service, then you need to call the expert team that Key Biscayne has relied on for years. Call our office today to learn more about the wide range of services we offer or to arrange a non-committal appointment with a member of our highly certified team. Trust us, we promise that you will not regret it.