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Polishing Marble and Stone Restoration

If you need local marble polishing or stone restoration, we are the contractor for you. Miami Flooring and Tile restores and maintains the natural stone value in both home and commercial buildings. We are a team of experts who've been in the business for years and have what it takes to enhance your space with a polished look with cost savings in mind.

Whether you need stains removed or cracks restored, or if your floors simply need a durable and eye-catching upgrade to enhance the space, we have a proven track record in all these areas.

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Trust Miami Flooring and Tile for All Your Marble Polishing Needs

Marble polishing is a treatment applied to the natural stone to increase its brightness and enhance its aesthetic appeal. When polish is applied to marble, it acts as a barrier preventing it from absorbing stains from spills and foot traffic. Without the use of a good quality polish, marble will lose its shiny and stain-free appeal very quickly. It will also become more prone to scratches and knicks, reducing its overall quality.

Our team at Miami Flooring and Tile offers a professional service with expertise and years of experience that give us the leverage to restore your marble to a pristine state.

Residential and Commercial Polishing Service

Polishing is a highly recommended step in maintaining the quality and visual appeal of natural stone. It is a service we offer, and we stand behind the quality of work we provide. Below is a list of marble polishing services we provide:

  • Residential and commercial flooring
  • Marble kitchen countertops
  • Kitchen backsplashes
  • Bathroom floors and shower walls

If you require something that is not on the list, call us today, and we will discuss your unique needs.

Stone Restoration for Enhanced Value

Stone restoration is the process of restoring your natural stone to the same state in which it was installed. Like marble polishing, restoration is a step that we recommend you include in your stone maintenance schedule to ensure it maintains its value.

Getting the job done will require the help of a qualified stone restoration specialist who is equipped with the proper tools, equipment, and invested knowledge to restore any natural stone. If your stone has scratches, stains, cracks, discoloration, or damage, we can get the job done using the latest techniques and provide you with unmatched results.

At Miami Flooring and Tile, we have a proven track record of providing exceptional stone restoration services. We will work with you on a service plan that fits your budget, and we will always work with your schedule.

Contact Our Marble Polishing and Stone Restoration Contractor

Installing natural stone in your residential and commercial space is an investment that adds significant value and appeal. If you've noticed some staining or cracks and scratches, you don't want to leave them unaddressed for too long because the stone's aesthetic will lose its visual value. When you rely on a qualified contractor like Miami Flooring and Tile, the job will be done quickly and with maximum results.

If you're in the area and need a natural stone contractor, contact us at (305) 467-3378 for a risk-free quote.